As part of the greater focus on the role of firms and entrepreneurship in development, spotlight has recently fallenupon so-called ‘social enterprises’. Social enterprises are organizations that operate in the borderland between the for-profit and non-for-profit spheres.The inherent purpose of social enterprises is generation of social change through commercial means which is effectuated through innovativebusiness model hybrids. At the bottom of pyramid (BOP) in developing Africa, the need for sustainable solutions is greater than ever and social enterprises are increasingly in focusas key players in sustainable development. Hence, social enterprises who all have managed to pursue a social agenda while at the same time achieving commercial viability are good samples as each constitutes solid evidence of social routes to success at the BOP, they also reveal important dilemmas facing managers who each day are forced to make difficult decisions in order to strike the right balance between achieving both commercial and social goals. Thereby one also has to add significant value to the ongoing discussions in the social enterprise literature. Besides constituting important empirical evidence from the inadequately investigated area of social enterprises at the BOP, the cases provide basis for raising important conceptual issues related to the boundaries of social and traditional commercial enterprises.

Bigwa Sisters Seminary Morogoro


This boarding school teaches, cares and accommodates 360 girls. The institution is financed by donations.
In the kitchen is cooked with open wood fire. My contribution is the use of existing livestock waste for biogas production and for the protection of the tropical forest. In future, biogas will be used for cooking. A solar system will cover the electricity needs of the boarding school and thus end the consumption of fossil energy.


Dieses Internat unterrichtet, versorgt und beherbergt 360 Schülerinnen. Finanziert wird die Einrichtung durch Spenden.

In der Küche wird mit offenem Holzfeuer gekocht.  Mein Beitrag ist die Nutzung der Abfälle aus der Tierhaltung zur Biogasgewinnung und zur Schonung des Tropenwaldes. Zukünftig soll mit Biogas gekocht werden. Eine Solaranlage wird den Strombedarf des Internates decken und damit den Verbrauch fossiler Energie beenden.

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