is my website for Economic Biofermentation, which I supervise honorary. I use it to promote  the utilization of biomass energy systems and applications.

It is also important to me that sustainable ethical principles apply to the economic activities of  such companies, which are busy in the area of Renewable Energies

These are 

 Respectful treatment of humans, animals and nature

Fair business policy towards customers, employees, business partners and suppliers

Resource-conserving, ecological, sustainably effective technologies and production methods.

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Ernst Lages, Diploma Industrial Engineer, responsible as representative of terracrop in an honorary capacity and active for over 30 years in the field of renewable energies.

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Our farmers are pioneers for the Eco-social agriculture 

Every kind of diet causes suffering, because to eat we always have to take something away from others. Either we harm the animals, the farmland or the community.

For example, to win corn sugar, which is found in nearly all industrially processed foods - including the vegetarian ones - has turned huge areas of land into monocultures.


Farmers who use livestock as part of an integrated biodynamic food production system, sell meat from species-friendly grown animals and run their farms in an environmentally conscious manner are a very valuable contribution to eco-social agriculture. They are family businesses that care about the well-being of the community. It is more humane and therefore more meaningful to support this kind of food production, rather than promoting the existing system of industrial food production through veganism.

You are already using a biogas plant or you are interested in the subject of "building and operating biogas plants economically". You have recognized since long time that agriculture is the key discipline for the sustainable development of better life for you and your family as well as the population worldwide. That's why you know the importance of  sustainability. And you also know that it's best to have the right partner and support for your most important decisions.

Why biofermenter are vital to our future

Biogas plants are baseload-capable, they always supply electricity, even without wind and sun, and they supply an unencumbered biofertilizer for soil remediation. The biomass normally produced in agriculture, such as maize plants, energy grass, manure and manure, is fermented in a biogas plant and used to produce biomethane. Fermented, unencumbered fermentation residues are the best biofertilizer and far less aggressive than fresh liquid- or solid manure.


Best results with organic fertilizer from the biofermenter

A promising alternative to corn

Second-generation energy grass "GreenStar".



The methane gas yield is comparable to maize:

approx. 100 m³ / t FM

GreenStar: a horst forming giant wheat grass with the following characteristics:

  • deep-reaching root system
  • dry tolerant
  • very hardy from 3-leaf-stage
  • long-term growth into October
  • forming humus
  • with high germination capacity
  • perennial
  • persevering
  • low soil requirements make the plant ideal even for weak soils
  • Advantage by reducing the gross acreage
  • Unlike many other energy plants, such as the silphium perfoliatum also called cup plant, the perennial energy grass Greenstar can be drilled with conventional technology
  • less space needed for greening
  • Biogas yield comparable to maize
  • significantly cheaper than corn
  • the property that unlike many other energy crops, such as Perennial Silphie, the multi-annual Greenstar energy grass can be drilled by using conventional techniques and is less susceptible to UV and fungal attacks
  • Corn comparable biogas yield due to higher green mass
  • significantly lower cost than corn

The initial development of GreenStar after sowing is restrained, requiring weed control. The economically profitable use is about 7 years. 

Certificate of granting European Community Plant Variety Rights

A new possibility and opportunity for agriculture:

Agrophotovoltaic systems

Agrophotovoltaic systems have already proven to be practical. The investment costs are already competitive with solar roof systems. The results of reference systems are promising.

AgroPV plants are highly economical.

Fraunhofer reference systems

Agro Pv- System for GreenStar Energy grass or Energy maize: Harvest with shredder and loader wagon width: 12,0m, passage height 6,5m


"The results of the first year of the project were a great success as the Agrophotovoltaic system has proven to be practical. The cost compared to a small solar roof systems are competitive and the harvested products can be marketed sufficiently high and economically viable"explains Stephan Schindele, project manager for Agrophotovoltaics at Fraunhofer ISE.

"The Agrophotovoltaic (APV) has the potential to create new land for the urgently required photovoltaic expansion in Germany and at the same time to reduce the land conflict between agriculture and open space systems. With a constant shortage of soil resources for the production of agricultural products, Agrophotovoltaic is an important solution through the double use of arable land.

It is essential to produce more food and energy in parallel and at the same time conserve water, soil and climate without chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

The path to the target points terracrop.

The terracrop system

Biomass as a valuable raw material


Start biogenic circulation

 Please contact us for free advice and information on Ecosocial agriculture, the recycling industry or for example the cultivation of the latest, most economical types of energy crops, their harvest and use in biogas plants.


We would be glad to assist you personally for best solutions of all your questions.

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Eliminate environmental damage and avoid new dangerous loads by...

Municipal waste management

The solution of municipal problems in waste management

Waste disposal needs to be redefined.

The disposal of valuable raw materials is replaced by intelligent use and processing of valuable materials

Eliminate environmental damage caused by waste and avoid new damage - but how?

 We gladly answer your questions 

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Using biogas to produce electricity.
Use electricity to drive your E- car

We like the


Electric vehicle


The part of biomass in household waste is around 50% worldwide.

The power generation of this biomass via biogas plants is an important contribution to providing the required electricity as renewable energy and relieves the atmosphere.



Effective solutions for a healthier environment, a clean nature and a better life

terracrop is fighting for the sustainable elimination from poverty, hunger and rural exodus in our world



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