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Ernst Lages, graduate industrial engineer, senior expert for renewable energies. I am helping my customers successfully in environmental and energy issues for over 30 years. I develop concepts for you to solve your energy problems and accompany you in the implementation of the necessary measures.

With projects for the introduction of renewable energies in Germany, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Tanzania, Philippines and Indonesia, I have important project experience in order to reduce or avoid the known, undesirable consequences when using renewable energies.


The world climate and its protection is our livelihood. People who ignore, deny or refute scientific studies, findings and warnings or refute them with fictitious claims contribute to ending the existence of all life on our earth.   

The man-made climate crisis will turn into a climate catastrophe if we don't drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Extreme weather events such as storms, heat and droughts are already increasing rapidly around the world. The glaciers are also melting and the sea level is rising

On the other hand, it must not be concealed that the complete conversion of energy production from fossil fuels to renewable energies will create new, almost insoluble problems in the future and will also lead to great damage to all living beings and our environment.

It is already undisputed that the mining of copper, rare metals and rare earths which are used in the production of wind, solar and biomass energy is associated with considerable health risks and destroys entire regions of our earth.

Lithium mining at the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt lake in the world in Bolivia

These reserves will be depleted within a few decades, leaving behind huge crater landscapes and contaminated groundwater.

An energy turnaround to protect the climate without considering the destruction of habitats for all living beings is not expedient.

  Science and engineers will therefore have to face this task and find sustainable solutions by all their strengths without further hesitation or waiting.


A helpful solution to resource scarcity problems can only be the reuse of all consumables.


Regardless of the goal of reusing all consumables, the further development of low-consumption combustion engines and their operation with climate-friendly biofuels is essential. Trucks, ships and airplanes cannot be converted to electric drives in the foreseeable future. But more likely on hydrogen technologies. The worldwide conversion of all cars is also nearly not possible because of the raw materials that are already being run out, such as copper, cobalt and lithium.


Knowledge, problem analysis and facts

of the best possible quality on the basis of proven, scientific knowledge and technologies must help - wherever possible - to reduce or avoid damage when using renewable energies.

It is up to each individual to take advantage of these opportunities.


My experience and knowledge should contribute to realizing projects and business models together with our customers, responsible investors and system builders that are useful to people and our environment and promote a sustainable way of life.


This includes the generation and use of renewable energies, the avoidance of waste, the most extensive recycling management and the replacement of mineral-oil products by organic alternatives.


My expertise:

Senior expert in renewable energies.


I will solve the following tasks for you:


Advice and active participation in the selection of methodology, technology and suitable companies for an environmentally friendly power supply. The avoidance of waste, the introduction of the most extensive circular economy and the replacement of mineral products with organic alternatives are also part of my expertise. Engineering and planning, project management, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems, agrophotovoltaic systems and bio fermenters are my other strengths.

This also includes the development of biofarm concepts, the cultivation and use of energy grass, the reclamation of degenerated soils, water extraction and soil irrigation. 

The main cause of climate change is the generation of energy from fossil fuels


With Terracrop, the switch to renewable energies will be a success 


my energies for the future are Renewables and I look forward  to your free advice

What is Renewable Energy?


“Renewable energy” is energy that can be generated and used indefinitely without damaging the environment. This is obtained from the energy sources biomass, hydropower, solar energy, wind power and geothermal energy. In contrast to this, fossil fuels such as coal, crude oil, natural gas and uranium are available for a limited time, are harmful to the climate and are no longer available after they have been consumed.

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With Terracrop, use climate change positively by solar power.


Create new, economically attractive opportunities for mobility, biofarming and health.

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