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Ernst Lages, industrial engineer, senior expert in renewable energy. I am assisting to the delight of my customers for more than 30 years in environmental and energy issues.

I develop concepts for you to solve your problems and accompany you in the realization of the necessary activities.

Together with experienced and proven partner companies I am your reliable

Consultant for

Biofermenter, energy grass, photovoltaic,

Smart solar home systems, recovery of degenerated soils for use as arable and pasture land and agro-photovoltaic systems 

The AridConcept allows the reversal of desertification (desertification process) and its conversion into fertile fields and pastures

Biogas plants engineering

Smart Solarhome systems

 Creative solar solutions

Sanitation and treatment of organic waste

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Beside of our efforts for a  humanitarian environment it is also indispensable that sustainable ethical principles apply to the economic activity of companies and agriculture, which are consuming and burden our resources. These are essentially:


Respectful dealings with people, animals and nature

Fair business policy towards customers, employees, business partners and suppliers


Use of resource-efficient, ecologically sustainable technologies and production methods. This must be an indispensable part of our future actions.


We use donations to promote democratic, non-violent resistance to the deforestation of the rainforest by industrial agriculture, which produces soybeans, palm oil, coconut oil, energy maize and corn for the production of corn sugar (isoglucose) 

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Terracrop, Seestraße 2, 83253 Rimsting/Chiemsee. Phone: +49 8051 9645727, Fax: +49 3222 6425473, Mobile: +49 171 5422121, E-Mail: elages@t-online.de, terracrop@gmail.com,

Web: http://www.terracrop.com, facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ernst.lages, Twitter: https://twitter.com/ernst_lages,  Instagram: terracroplebenohnemuell